Our friend Sue the Tree Planter invited us over to a last-minute New Year's dealie. Since she and her spouse are among the coolest and kindest people around, we said yes. What parent of small children wouldn't, to a party whose stated goal was to bring appetizers only, celebrate New Year's at Newfoundland Time, and then kick everyone out the door by 9:00?

We figured we'd know at least a person or two, which would be a bonus. Imagine our surprise when the party ended up chock-full of some of the local people we love the very best, outside our usual posse: Anya and Carys, Diki and Tan, Kynn and Len...and then SAGE and her partner showed up! I was wiggling in my chair with glee.

So, All:

Happy New Year! (Said as Eddie Murphy in Trading Places, which is the only way that phrase ever sounds inside my head.)

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