Today Leelo's school had class pictures. I hope hope hope it went well. Leelo being who he is (in this case, a boy who detests posing) leaves me feeling not entirely optimistic. But I would love to have a school photo of him! The last time he encountered a photographer wily enough to get a decent posed shot was two years ago.

Leelo's classroom aide Rosie has agreed to come over here to observe some of Therapist L's sessions, with Therapist L's blessings. Now we're down to scheduling--Friday, perhaps. This should be incredibly helpful for Leelo, and for his classroom in general.

Mali has taken to removing her clothes and then tossing them in the trash. She's not picky, really--she'll throw our clothes in as well. Usually while no one is looking. She seems to favor socks. This proclivity, combined with an already overenthusiastic sock-stealing monster such as lurks in every laundry room and my disinclination to move clean socks from the laundry basket to their drawers means that our sock supply is now in serious peril.

Iz has decided to run for 3rd Grade Student Rep. The thought of helping her run a campaign and write a speech has already given me hives, so Seymour will be her Chief of Staff. I think it will be a good experience for her whether she wins or loses. I wouldn't mind a loss, even, since God forbid our kids learn what it feels like to not win. Plus she'd be down one responsibility--yay for that.

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