This Is Getting Comical

This Is Getting Comical

Mali didn't really sleep until 3:30 AM! Weird fever, whimpery pseudo-sleep, then what I guess must have been a night terrors attack.

Leelo woke up at 4:00 AM again! Didn't go back to sleep!

On the way out the door to school, Leelo discovered that the cat had barfed, and proceeded to trample through it, necessitating an outfit change when we were already late for our meeting with Teacher S!

Teacher S informed me that the parents of the girl Leelo pushed had talked to the principal and were very upset and that the compromise they had all agreed on without even calling me was to ban Leelo from the playground during General Ed!

(This is so not fucking happening long-term, not without a very polite but firm confrontation.)

Took Mali to my work day at Iron Gate. Teacher L informed me that they rock-salt laden play doh I'd made was not usable for two-year-olds because they will eat the playdoh and rock salt is poisonous!

I have actually been in a fairly good mood all day, because, really, this is all getting a bit silly. But I really do appreciate all the kind words and helpful suggestions, thank you.