Buy Sum Pritty Stuff

Buy Sum Pritty Stuff

I should be sending in an application for CISWY to start running ads, sending out a copy of the CISWY book for a potential book event in Marin, writing up a synopsis of CISWY for inclusion in Iz's school newsletter, writing to the woman in charge of the Phnom Penh orphanage to ask what sort of equipment or toys her severely disabled children might need, asking Jennyalice about CISWY book readings logistics, and making tiny iPhoto books for my various nieces and nephews as stocking stuffers. I am absolutely ignoring the kitchen that I dirtied making homemade spaghetti sauce and meatballs for dinner. I am still thinking about how to record Mali's evaluation at the MIND Institute, how to not cry every time Leelo hits me because a reaction is what he wants and he will even script for me: "OW!", how to be more accommodating to Iz in realizing that she really does need more social time than the average bear, and what I will wear tomorrow to the BlogHer holiday fete. I am forgetting lots of other things. Whatever.

What I am actually doing is sighing and asking if anyone wants to buy some pretty silver jewelry:

Bracelet Detail

Go to the photo set for details. I need this shit gone!

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