Not a Good Time to Be Leelo's Little Sister

Not a Good Time to Be Leelo's Little Sister

When Mali woke up this morning, I asked her what she wanted to do today. Her reply:

"I want some breaktest [sic] and I want Leelo to not hit me."
He is targeting her every chance he gets. I tried to get groceries accompanied by Leelo and Mali last night, and am not going to be able to do that again until he changes his ways -- it is almost impossible to hold Leelo at arm's length, steer a shopping cart, and put groceries into it. If she's in a chair, he tries to push her. If she's in my arms, he tries to hit her. If she's on the ground, he tries to kick her. I think it's because he loves the big reaction from her. And he doesn't like having his routine changed. And school doesn't start for nine more days.

I think this is even more stressful than when Leelo used to randomly shove random people. I cannot even imagine how much this is fucking with Mali's mind and outlook.

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