Just a little bit.

I can't really remember everything that I have to do. It's too much and happening too quickly for a to-do list. And last night I fell asleep while reading Iz The Golden Compass, at 8:30 PM (she put a blanket over me, unprompted, and Seymour let me sleep, so double awwww), so I am even more behind with the Xmas letters and gifting, and organizing for my and Seymour's families to come celebrate/stay with us, and the Can I Sit With You? arrangements and promotions, and the organizing for Iz's birthday party, and trying to do a fundraiser/donation for a Phnom Pehn orphanage so that Iz and I can visit friends in Cambodia without feeling like assholes.

Anyhow. I'll get it all done. What is really concerning me right now is that Therapist L, who has been working with Leelo for 4 1/2 years, gave notice today. She's leaving Feb. 15th. I don't blame her; she's got a better opportunity that doesn't involve a bridge commute. Still.

I may just go hyperventilate for real.

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