Ho Ho Ha Ha

Ho Ho Ha Ha

Tally for Xmas dinner at our place tomorrow: 22 or 23. All helpful, fun, pleasant people though.

Iz, who still believes in Santa, is being a major pain in the ass. It is tempting, says Seymour, to place a lump of coal in the advent box whose tiny drawers I have been faithfully stocking for the past 24 days. She tried to call me a hypocrite today but it came out "hippogriff" instead. So if you hear her or Seymour call me "Buckbeak," now you know why. (My hypocrisy, btw, was in telling her not to say negative things about her wonderful self and her wonderful art, etc., efforts.)

House full of relatives means Leelo is all pissed off at the world and has had two pee accidents even though before today he hadn't had one in over a month. He is also pissed off at his little sister and is gunning for her every chance he gets. Now Leelo is riding in the minivan's way back instead of its middle row of seats. Even more isolating. But better than having a little sister whose first reaction to him is "He's going to hit me!" Bright spot: When he is amped and aggro, focused time with Mommy or Daddy calms him down, and he asks for lots of kisses and squishes in a very sweet way. Plus he is using a lot of good language: "Want to see the sun up in the sky!" and such. Haven't updated his home record in over a week. Bad mommy. I have arranged a lot of extra professional one-on-one Leelo time during the next two weeks, but I'm worried that it won't be enough.

Mali is learning a lot from both her siblings: arguing for arguing's sake from Iz, and having no qualms about decking those near you when you're upset from Leelo. Good thing she's still charming. She woke up this morning, saw the arm chair that had replaced her toddler bed in our room (her cousin Kylie is sleeping in the toddler bed in her parents' room/our guest room during their visit) and yelled, "MOMMY! My bed turned into a chair!" Then she declared, "I want to snuggle with you in our bed," and put her nose up to mine. She must have gotten a blast of my morning breath, though, because she then declared, "Mommy, I think you have gas."

I personally have hit the wall. Usually I can rally, but after a very busy year of working very hard (by my standards), I have realized that I am not getting it together for our holiday newsletter and the few non-email cards that I have sent each year without fail. But that's okay. I'd rather try to get it all done by Jan. 1, and thereby allow what by my standards constitutes some rest, so I can not only be up to but enjoy my mom, little brother, parents-in-law, oldest brother and family, brother-in-law and family, cousin D and family, and everyone else we'll be spending so much time with during the next seven days. Seriously.

Happy Ho Ho Ho.

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