Who Doesn't Want to Help Cambodian Children?

Who Doesn't Want to Help Cambodian Children?

The thought of me asking people to open their digital wallets for a good cause is shocking, I know. However in this case it's actually my daughter who's on bended knee.

If you're looking for a good cause or gift donation for the holidays, please consider helping Iz raise money to donate towards two fine Cambodian children's organizations: the Nutrition Center of Phnom Penh (an orphanage for disabled children), and the Cambodian Youth Network for Change (YNC). She will be taking your largesse to Cambodia and donating it in person, next month.

TinyURL version of Iz's DropCash campaign page: http://tinyurl.com/2j8bdo

If we're fortunate enough to hit our ceiling, it is very much okay to donate more. DropCash will record it and PayPal will take it.

If you donate $35 or more, and if you include your mailing address during your PayPal checkout, Iz will hand-write you a thank you note.

You have our gratitude, everlastingly.

(Many thanks to Beth Kanter for hooking us up with Chak Sopheap of the YNC.)

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