Autism News from Other Sources

Autism News from Other Sources

The kids' spring breaks overlap today. Girls go back to school tomorrow, Leelo is out for the week. And when I say out, I mean he is neither going to school nor will he be hanging out with anyone but me, except for a couple of hours during a couple of late afternoons with Therapist R. It is quarter to three and he is already standing by the front door saying, "Hello, Daddy!" Too bad Daddy is going to be living in ProductionLand until some time in April and we won't be seeing much of him until then.

I think I might see if Mali can go to school full day this week so that Leelo and I can do some excursions together. Otherwise I drop both girls off at 8:30 but pick up Mali at 11:30 and then Iz at 3:00; not much wiggle room to for mountain hikes or tide pool runs in there. (Or working on the two projects I am seriously f***ing up right now either...).

Anyhow. I think you'll need to get information from other sources this week:
Newsweek chats about the vaccination damage ruling, diversity in autistic people, and various takes on vaccination (a subject that makes me grumpy, which is a post for another day).

Wired features Amanda Baggs and gives me hope that, since Leelo looks so much like her, eventually he will be able to communicate like her, too. (I really try to avoid talking in front of Leelo as though he's not present, but this article is a good reminder to be vigilant and inclusive.) My favorite part: when Amanda goes off on people assuming that her caretaker must have helped her put together her videos, when according to her the caretaker wouldn't have the least idea how to deal with that kind of technology.

ABC promotes the First Signs/Autism Speaks guidelines for detecting autism as early as possible, and emphasizes the importance of intensive behavioral intervention (ABA therapy).

Science Daily demonstrates how integrating a video monitoring systems into autism households, or at least during behavioral sessions, can be helpful for tracking and understanding behavioral triggers. We could probably use this in our house.

Medical News Today outlines a three-tiered approach to testing for genetic causes of autism. The paper's authors think that this approach could yield a 40% rate of genetic bases for individual autism cases, as opposed to the current 15% rate.

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