Excitement by Elliott Bay

Excitement by Elliott Bay

Is this page jumping up and down?

I ask because Can I Sit With You? is having another live reading, this time in Seattle, on Friday, April 25th, at 8 PM!

Although we are not saying so on the CISWY site, here in my own microsphere I can write with glee that the event was kick-started when an N P R reporter contacted us and asked about our project in general and Seattle-area CISWY readings specifically. (!) We then asked J. K. and SJ, two of the CISWY Seattle authors, about possible locations, they started rallying for us, and J. K. ended up securing us a donated performance space at Annex Theatre.

The suggested ticket price will be $12, because it will be another SEPTAR fundraiser, but ideally people can pay whatever they think is fair. If our ideals are not compatible with online ticketing technology, then you can pay either $5 or $12. (We're not trying to be greedy, but we also want to donate a portion of the proceeds back to Annex.) Be warned that the theater only seats 99 people, so get your tickets as soon as they go on sale (/Pollyanna).

The event will be about an hour long. Afterwards there will be books for sale and authors signing them and Annex Theatre has a bar in the lounge but you can still bring your kids if they stay out of the bar. And everyone gets a free sticker!

Confirmed readers as of today:

Michael Procopio
SJ Alexander
Liz Henry
Amanda Jones
Sarah Glover
Cindy Emch

(Plus rumor has it that Jason Kovacs and Jen Myers might be persuaded to make appearances.)

We will also be having a contest for one author to both read at the event and have their story published in the next CISWY anthology. This is another situation in which details are forthcoming, but if you are interested, please submit your story A.S.A.P. Note that while we are able to provide a live opportunity for the world -- perhaps even N P R -- to witness your genius, we cannot provide transportation or lodgings.

(Oh, and we are migrating to Wordpress. Let us know what you think of the new, still in flux, design).

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