Spontaneous Leelo

Spontaneous Leelo

I just watched in disbelief as Leo spontaneously chose and buckled himself into a driver-side passenger seat. It has been about a year, I think, since Leelo started being reliable enough to sit in a plain booster seat without jumping out and running around the van, and about six months since he demonstrated that he could buckle himself in -- but he has always insisted on sitting in a chair that he could buckle on his left-hand side. This morning he chose a seat on the other side, and generalized buckling the seatbelt on that other side. This may seem like an odd thing to be excited about, but for a kid like Leelo, this example of combined developmental/conceptual progress is remarkable. Smart boy.

Just how smart? Just how well is he doing? How proud are we? Check out Supervisor M's latest progress report. (FYI, I frequently post Leelo's reports and transcribed written notes in their proper time frame, weeks or months later. Not too helpful from a reader's perspective, but as this blog is still meant to be a Leelo record, it will hopefully be helpful to us, or future families like ours.)

Leelo is in such a good spot right now. His mood can still turn on a dime, but he seems to save the hitting/scratching for me and the pushing/hitting for his sisters (infrequently, and usually when they've gotten in his face). Overall, though, I hope Leelo is enjoying being with us right now as much as we're enjoying being with him.

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