After the IEP

The IEP went well. Incredibly well, though Supervisor M thinks they could have given us more ... p'raps a Pony Party? I jest, but since we had expected to have to go in swinging, I was shocked by the offerings. Here is what they agreed to provide before we even asked:
  • Weekly 1:1 OT (1/2 hour, to start this Thursday. To increase as needed)
  • Weekly 1:1 speech (to start as soon as they can find another vendor). As Leelo already gets speech 1x weekly with Sage, this fulfils our goal of 2x weekly speech
  • Summer school placement in the SDC Behavioral program, with a 1:1 aide. They cannot officially call this class their Autism Program, but that's what it is.
  • If they are not able to get the Summer program together (they do not yet have a teacher), then they will pay for ALSO summer school.
  • Fall placement in the same SDC/Autism class, again with a 1:1 aide.
  • A home behavioral program of up to 15 hours per week. If Supervisor M can get certified as a NPA (Non-Profit Agency) before this time, then we can use the funds to supplement the program we already have.
I was very pleased. The Special Ed folks were incredibly kind and helpful. I suspect they were relieved to deal with parents who were calm, accepting, informed, and appreciative (though still assertive). I can't even imagine what it must be like to fight for services while still going through the diagnosis/grieving period like so many others do.

Another suspicion is that we got so many services because they evaluated Leelo during the worst part of his Winter Crazies. Which mortified me at the time, but now strikes me as a very good thing.

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