Seymour Needs Advice

Did I mention that our internet connection has been spotty and mostly down for almost a week? Hence the flurry of posts--must get them out while I can. And if you're in real-world contact with me, don't rely on email just now.

At any rate, my dear partner and favorite cyclist Seymour recently got harrassed by a bunch of monkey boys in a truck. They drove up right behind him, leaned out of the truck, and hollered. He was so startled that he almost crashed. Then he became so livid that he would have torn their limbs off had they not the benefit of superior horsepower.

Seymour didn't get to accost them, but he did scrutinize their truck intensely, as he'd seen it in the neighborhood. He didn't actively search for it, but he did keep his eyes peeled.

Last week, he found it. He's since driven by several times to ensure that it is the same truck, and that it belongs to the adjacent home. Irony: the truck and all the cars attached to the house are covered with the local Fire Department's stickers.

What would you do? Seymour would like to let it go, but can't. I think he should write an anonymous letter detailing what was done and how dangerous it was, and send it to the house. Others have suggested calling the fire department. I am also a fan of paintballing, but think that--deeply satisfying as it might be--it is the riskiest approach. Opinions?

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