Iz and Mali at the airport

Over and Out

It has taken me a couple of days to recuperate from what was to be a frothy little lark of a trip to Vancouver and Seattle. Except that I'm far from recuperated and now Seymour is flying off to present at yet another conference. And Mali has one of those Cascades of Mucus colds. Thankfully Ep has graciously taken Iz for a sleepover with Merlin.

(Two days later as Mali started screaming for boob after that first paragraph.)

The trip was boffo in that I got to hang out with thirty or so ladies from my extended family, got to hang out with my favorite auntie and cousins, got to hang out with my mother-in-law without 10 other people in the house, and got to get tipsy atop Seattle's Space Needle.

Iz and Mali at the airport.

I also had the pleasure of meeting SJ from I, Assh0le and her sidekick Strudel. SJ brought along buckets of wit, charm, and extreme politeness--she could take tea with The Queen. I, of course, reverted to my usual first meetups mode, which Badger describes as "overeager puppy" but which I suspect is more like irritating puppy who doesn't understand No and won't stop licking your face and then piddles in your lap. I will learn to listen, someday. Our girls got on great.

Oh, and you fuckers at The Naam in Vancouver? FUCK YOU for not letting a lady with a screaming baby order take out instead of waiting for a table, and extra shame on you for greeting my, "But I've been trying to get here for five years" comment with a flat apathetic lizard stare and a dismissive "Uh-huh." Once I get more than five minutes to myself, my mission will become the reverse engineering of the Naam burger, and then I'll never again need to even think of your sorry soy-and-sprout covered asses.

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