Leelo's Latest Checkup

Silly me, I forgot that Leelo's Kindergarten entry forms included a medical statement that his doctor must fill out.

Off we went to the health center. I stripped Leo to his pullup so his pediatrician could survey the various ailments listed below. This made it really easy to gauge just how terrified he now is of She Who Burns Off Plantar Warts, because he got so hysterical when she entered the room that his entire body turned beet red. He kept muttering, "Back to the car...back to the car...back to the car" for the rest of the appointment--and the rest of the day.

This doesn't bode well for the TB test the school requires. But, still, his doctor was tenacious and so was able to examine him closely enough to determine that he is well and healthy, and to pass judgment on the following items:

1) The rash on his back is either slight eczema or a mild virus. Either way the treatment is to take shorter baths and use lots of lotion afterwards.

2) The bite on his side is healing, but not as quickly as it otherwise would. His doctor suspects folliculitis, which results from too-long baths. Again, shorter baths, plus neo- or polysporin.

3) Treatment on his plantar wart can't progress until we get the pad of dead skin off its top. She suggests cutting it off (yeah right); I think we will try a pumice stone approach. With one of us sitting on him.

4) His more frequent urination is unlikely to be due to a bladder infection. More likely he's becoming more aware of his body, and either likes the sensation or urination or dislikes the sensation of even a partially full bladder.

I think we will be submitting his kindergarten reg forms without the medical form, for now.

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