Good Leelo Language

Naturalistic language from Leelo over the weekend:

During Church: "I want to go home, Mommy."

Re-entering church after mid-sermon park excursion: "I want to go to the car, Mommy."

Upon my leaving the house to run errands: "Come back, Mommy!"

All three phrases were new and spontaneous. We may never hear them again, but it was excellent to hear them at all. Perhaps in the future we may even hear spontaneous naturalistic language about things Leelo likes rather than things he dislikes.

The dreaded IEP is Thursday. Eeeeep. We have very good support in the form of Supervisor M (who will attend) and Sage, but I am still nervous. Even though I am the spoiled princess of Autism Parents Land (Leelo will always have support--whether it comes from the school district or his fairy grandparents).

I am starting to fret about our boy's summer school schedule. We'd thought he wouldn't need an aide for school as of the summer but that is looking less likely. His stim/sensory needs are still very intense, and I'm not certain we can address it sufficiently by the end of June. I hope Therapist Y has some time in his schedule.

Finally got around to filling out his district Kindergarten paperwork with the intention of turning it in this afternoon, only to discover a previously unnoticed medical form that must be filled out by his doctor. Who didn't have availability until Wednesday. But hey, maybe we can freeze of more of that huge tenacious plantar wart, and get his urine checked to see if a bladder infection could explain why he's not able to hold his pee for even an hour when he's been doing 90+ minute intervals for weeks.

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