From Iz's Perspective

From Iz's Perspective

For any of you who are reading this and thinking, "But what about the (other) children!," Let me detail Iz's weekend for you, from her perspective:

  • I got to take my class bunny home for the weekend!
  • My friend Violet came home from school with me, too, for a sleepover! We got to play with the bunny in my room!
  • I went to a spelling bee and won third place out of 130 kids and got a goodie bag full of balloons and erasers, and gift certificate for a free week at Camp Gaul y Leo!
  • Violet and I woke up early and did all sorts of crafts in my room because Leelo doesn't sleep in there any more and I have the room all to myself! When my mom asked us if we slept well or if we heard Leelo in the middle of the night we didn't know what she was talking about!
  • We went to The Cafe for breakfast and my mom let me get juice because it was a sleepover night!
  • Violet's dad met us at The Cafe and took me and Violet and her sister Fifi out to their place on the coast for the day!
  • When it got dark my dad came got me and brought Mali and we all got to roast marshmallows!
  • When we got home my mom looked tired and the carpet steamer was out but I was so tired I went straight to bed!
  • My mom woke me up and made pancakes for breakfast!
  • My dad took me and the rest of my RE (Religious Ed) class on a field trip to a local Hindu temple! Did you know that Hinduism is not so much a religion as a way of life? Apparently my mom didn't!
  • My mom made me a tuna fish sandwich on white bread for lunch!
  • I got to walk over to Marys's house -- by myself -- for her birthday party!
I don't think she's entirely aware that, from her parent's perspective, this weekend has been somewhat less than stellar.

Another marker of our fantastic parenting: Mali ran up to me, clutching a long-handled butterfly net, looking very sweet. Then she yelled, "I'm JELLYFISHING!"

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