Leelo: Always Raising the Bar

Leelo: Always Raising the Bar

If you're tuning in to read about the latest hijinks of the Casa Rosenberg crew, rest assured that Leelo is not one to disappoint. How to top a night in which he only slept for two hours? How about stripping naked, climbing on top of our media cabinet, taking a big shit on it, and then smearing it all over himself and everything around him in a way that dripped off all the sides of the cabinet and onto the cords, shelves, and carpeted floor? While mommy has a guest over? And in less than two minutes from the last time I checked on him? A very talented boy.

Thankfully the guest was Signora Blog, who is not easily fazed, and provided great practical and emotional backup, and managed to carry on schooling me in a much-needed crash course in IEP ass-kicking.

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