Leelo Want Food!

Leelo Want Food!

He doesn't actually say that -- he asks for specific foods, says "I" rather than "Leelo," and uses an article before the sentence's object -- but that declaration fairly well sums up his eating habits of late.

Leelo has always liked to eat, but during the past two months his eating has become difficult to control. He has gained several pounds -- a lot for a short guy -- is looking extremely bloated, and is having BM's all day long. I am aware that his appetite increased when we took him off the stimulant Fukalin, and that he has always tended to eat high volumes of his six or so approved foods, but this is just crazy.

He has been touchy and hard to please since December, so it is hard to deny him the one thing that both makes him happy and gets him to sit still for a few minutes. Also I identify with him -- when life is complex and challenging, treats are an easy way to mainline brief bursts of happiness. And I don't give in to his demands all the time. But he asks for food all day long and I can't deal with the Tantrums of Hell manifesting in my kitchen every three hours.

I sent an email to the local Y! board asking if anyone else has dealt with overeating and autism and/or come up with food management strategies. I hope someone has some advice. Leelo is getting huge, and that cannot be healthy, especially when he's gaining weight so quickly. I am wondering if his behavior is purely sensory seeking, or if it may be symptomatic of another condition such as diabetes. Good thing he went to the doctor so much this winter as they weighed him every time and will have a record of how fast his weight gain has come on, should I decide to consult his pediatrician.

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