IEP Results

IEP Results

Leelo's IEP was successful. I don't think it's wise for me to go into specifics, but -- thanks to a detailed and convincing Functional Analysis Assessment and presentation by Supervisor M -- we have a good framework for getting Leelo what he requires, for both short term and long term goals. Leelo's intense and varied special needs may cause occasional stress at home and in school, but they seem to make his IEP's go smoother than we anticipate. No one ever denies that he needs services. Lots of services.

I did not pursue the recess issue. That might seem strange given all my previous squawking on the subject, but I now believe that it we need to put our energies into larger picture endeavors on Leelo's behalf.

Supervisor M's most critical statement during her presentation was that she believes we may have all overestimated just how much Leelo understands about his schedule. As Signora Blog recently suggested to me offline, making a visual schedule for home and all other aspects of our boy's life could really help him grasp what's ahead for him each day (he loves knowing what comes next, in any context), and prevent him from spiraling into aggression because of unanticipated transitions. We probably should have done this two years ago.

Perhaps the last couple of weeks have been stressing me out more than I thought. I developed a nervous habit of scratching my scalp, but stopped abruptly last night when I realized that my fingernails were bloody. Ewww. Plus I have a gnarly tension headache. To bed!

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