What I Haven't Been Writing About

What I Haven't Been Writing About

The last three days, today inclusive, have been beyond fucking nuts. Truly. IEP's (yesterday, mostly successful though Leelo's teacher only updated Leelo's goals and "forgot" to bring her list of new goals) and general crazy life scheduled in fifteen minute increments through no one's fault and despite efforts to pare down on extraneous activities. One nice break mid-morning yesterday for bad moms' coffee. I think this is just how life with a trio of monkeys will be. Overbooked and devoid of clean laundry.

But I will admit to a bit of sleepwalking beyond the overload, mostly because two nights ago my mom called to let me know that my dad isn't doing very well at all. He went into the hospital that morning for his third of five IV chemo doses, and ended up being admitted. It wasn't the leukemia, per se, nor was it the aortic stenosis or slight big of congestive heart failure, or complications from his back going out after continuing to pick up his grandkids even though we all told him not to do it. This time it appears he was having chest pains for three weeks but just didn't want to tell anyone about it.

*Pause to narrow eyes and clench hands into fists.*

In other words, he was having a heart attack, which is usually treated by blood-pressure-lowering medication. Except that his blood pressure is already extremely low due to his leukemia medications. The doctors are scrambling, trying to figure out what to do to treat him. In the mean time Mali and I are flying down tonight* as she is my dad's special pet and her antics could probably have cheered up Hitler in his bunker. My younger brother is already on site, having in typical fashion surprised my parents at the hospital yesterday morning (he was supposed to be at a conference in Las Vegas).

It is very difficult not to be angry with my dad for being so clueless about his health, for ignoring what most people would think were obvious warning signs, and for continuing to eat and behave in ways that exacerbate his symptoms. It is doubly difficult for my mom, who has lived with him for almost 45 years. But I really don't think he understands what is going on. *cough* Asperger's *cough*

Seymour and I were similarly flummoxed by Seymour's cousin, who *to us* clearly had Asperger's, and who allowed treatable diabetes symptoms to spiral out of control because he couldn't follow instructions such as "you can only drink X amount of water in any two hour period." He drank when he was thirsty, and eventually blew out his kidneys. I guess we can be grateful that he had his mom to take care of him, and that my dad has my mom.

Anyone who wants to come play with Leelo or Iz this weekend, please give Seymour a call. Iz has RE class at church on Sunday morning, and Leelo is with Babysitter A Sat 11-2 and Sunday 1-5, but otherwise they have no plans. I know Seymour would be grateful for the company or the break, as Leelo can be really difficult when I am away.

*Many thanks to JP for the ride and for watching Leelo afterwards so that Seymour and Iz can still go to their daddy-daughter dance.

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