Ten Minute Break from IEP Prep

Ten Minute Break from IEP Prep

Mali is mini-Iz. She never stops talking. Except she doesn't always have the crisp articulation Iz had, so I'm not always sure what she's saying. Example:

Mali picks something out of the backyard dirt and puts it in her mouth.

Mali: "Itza kihndee!"
Me (running across the yard from where I was pushing Leelo on a swing): "What? What did you put in your mouth?"
Mali: "Kinhdee!"

I force her mouth open, and extract a candy corn-sized piece of sharp brown glass. I spend five paralyzed seconds in shock, then check for lacerations. Her mouth is miraculously free of blood.

Mali: "Candy! It's candy, Mama! Yummy yummy!"


Mali also does imaginary play. I still can't get over this; Iz never did this, nor did Leelo:

Mali (singing): "A is for apple, B is for bed, C is a crown that you wear on your ... " (turns to her Care Bear) "Care Bear! You sing too!"
Mali as Care Bear: "No, I'm happy and tired."
Mali as Mali: "Okay!"

Me (I was holding her on my hip during this exchange, this time while pushing Leelo on the hammock): "?"


BSG Season Finale: I don't think I could state my opinion any better or differently than H. Havrilesky from Salon (though my high school boyfriends were a ska boy and a goth). A big WTF.


I'm feeling fairly positive about tomorrow's IEP for Leelo. Which means that Seymour and I will likely get broadsided. But perhaps not. I think and hope that everyone involved with Leelo understands that his class is not appropriate for him, and that without a placement change his aggressive behaviors are unlikely to improve. We are long past caring about integration and inclusion with regular ed kids. That may happen in the future, but for now we just want him happy and safe.

I've got emotional and practical backup from Sage, DoubleTrouble, Signora Blog, Jem, Ep, MB, Supervisor M, and of course Seymour. I have spoken to many people within the school district and from County and private schools, and have a sense of some solid, if not ideal, options.

Wherever you are at 12:45 PST tomorrow, think good thoughts for Leelo!

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