Tonight We Slip Brandy Into His Rice Milk

Tonight We Slip Brandy Into His Rice Milk

Leelo slept for a grand total of two hours last night. He didn't even get to sleep until 6:30 AM. If today hadn't been Saturday, we'd all be frakked, as 6:30 is when we usually get up. But, thankfully, Leelo got to sleep until 8:30.

I don't know what caused his insomnia. Possibly it's his cold, possibly he's gearing up for a huge developmental leap (right?). He did talk a lot while he was rolling around in his bed not sleeping, and what he said was funny: "Boy and girl. Girl and boy. Boy and girl!" "I like baa, but I love moo. Do you love moo? You like moo but I love baa!" Um, okay. He has a wonderful reciprocal social smile when he's too exhausted to be hyperactive, and can therefore focus. Too bad he's being parented by zombies today.

Seymour took last night's first shift and I took the second. At this moment Seymour is sleeping. In about half an hour I am going for my annual Spring rite: paying someone else to rip all out all the hair on my legs, by the roots. Then I'll have a facial, during which I hope to fall asleep. Huge indulgences both, and ones that I don't normally submit to without a gift certificate. But necessary, if only for the time I'll get to spend in my head, by myself, without distractions.

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