An Opportunity to Cackle

An Opportunity to Cackle

I couldn't stop myself from sending the following letter to the Deadwood City Moms' Club:

There was a spelling bee at Kep1er's earlier tonight. It was hosted by SC0RE! Learning Centers of Pa1o A1to and Men1o Park, but was open to any local child who wanted to compete.

Guess who placed first and third out of 130 kids from PA, MP, and surrounding towns? Deadwood City public school students.

Think about that the next time you hear someone at the park or playground start talking about how they have to move out of Deadwood City "because of the schools."

Have a good weekend,


That would be Iz who placed in third (again). First place went to the same fifth grader who beat her at their own school's bee earlier this year.

Iz is an amazing kid. I wonder what she could do if she took that brain of hers out of cruise control once in a while.

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