Was I a Tobacco Lobbyist in a Previous Life?

Was I a Tobacco Lobbyist in a Previous Life?

Yesterday Mali was still coughing too much to attend Iron Gate. Leelo's afternoon therapist called in sick with stomach flu. About five appliances in the house mysteriously went kaput. Seymour's car broke down and he needed two different lifts to two different parts of town in the middle of afternoon school pickup and Iz piano lesson time. I hauled all three kids to Stafnord for a Leelo intake evaluation regarding a research study on autism and beating the shit out of everyone around you all the time -- except that the intake was mysteriously supposed to be today, which is impossible given Leelo's schedule. I was kind of relieved, actually, as Leelo had jumped into a fountain on the way into the clinic and was barefoot with soaking wet pants, from knees down.

Today Leelo's teacher sent him home for being "sick" (slight cough and runny nose, symptoms which in my experience are de rigeur for 50% of the kids during cold season, and should be NO PROBLEM FOR A KID WITH A FULL TIME 1:1 AIDE). This is the fourth time she has sent or tried to send him home for being sick in the past two weeks. I don't usually mind having my son home, but a non-ADHD-medicated Leelo means a boy who bolts into the yard every time my back is turned, and who will not sit still for any amount of time unless he's wolfing down some food or has stranded himself on top of the fridge or media cabinet. And now he's suddenly decided that all bottles are potential sources of that Olympian nectar, fruit juice, so he has been going through the house taking the lids off of any bottles he finds and taking a swig. I don't mind the bubble bath or shampoo so much, but I shrieked and tackled him when he started to open Mali's prednisone syrup. (Child-proof cap, my arse.)

He and Mali have spent the morning systematically shredding every room in this house. And we have to host Iz's fucking CLASS BUNNY for the weekend. I think we may be having game for dinner tonight.

Normally all this wouldn't get me down. But it's been a shitty couple of weeks, and this last crapload has me starting to buckle. I haven't stopped feeling sick to my stomach since I got the "Unacceptable Leelo Classroom Behavior" phone call on Tuesday. None of the advocates I've contacted re: Leelo's IEP coming up on Tuesday have called me back. Nor have any of the schools I've contacted for more information.

I don't understand who or what I've pissed off, celestially, but I am publicly declaring here and now that I concede defeat. Tell me what you want me to do, and I'll do it.

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