Special Needs Families Outreach

Special Needs Families Outreach

I don't really know why I agreed to be the Secretary for our Special Needs PTA. I wanted to help and participate and that was the only slot that was open, but even as I said "yes," I knew that being responsible for meeting minutes and maintaining lists of current members were exactly the kinds of things I suck at. (Case in point: I have not yet published the meeting minutes from 14 days ago--though I'm hoping to work on them during downtime at tomorrow's conference.) I have big mental blocks about those kinds of tasks and I don't know why.

What I really want to do is work on (though not lead) the Outreach committee. Whenever I think about how shitty life sometimes is for our family, I can't help but then think about the several extra helpings of shitty affecting so many local families' lives. We're all overwhelmed, but there's overloaded and then there's buried under a crap avalanche.

I'm trying to think of how our PTA could help. My latest brainwave is laundry parties for overwhelmend SN families (show up and take away their laundry, bring it back the next day clean; we could have a party at a local laundromat and the families wouldn't have to worry about us "invading" their house or even modifying their schedule in any way yet we'd still be helping). We could also rope in local high school students who need ways to fulfill their community service requirements, since most PTA members are so strapped for free time.

Also I am trying to set up a meeting with my minister about doing community outreach without being righteous charity assholes. Minister Jules said she'd be happy to meet with us but we've not yet set a date.

Since all of these musings are coming straight of my butt, I am open to other suggestions. (Please!) And I am hoping the Outreach Chair doesn't read this blog because I'm not trying to usurp her position in any way.

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