For the Love of Maps

For the Love of Maps

Did I ever mention that I am a sucker about anything to do with maps? That suckerdom is the only thing that can explain my reaction last Tuesday when I replied to Iz's teacher, "Yes, I will do a cartography presentation to 40 of Iz's classmates at 9AM on Wednesday the 14th, for at least thirty minutes complete with transparencies!"

Then I realized that I had either day-long road trips, conferences, afternoon panels, or evening meetings or fundraisers every single interim day excepting one. Some days had two activities. And a couple of the events had me speaking to groups and almost barfing as a result. Seriously. I was such an admittedly nervous shaky speaker in announcing a SPED PTA fundraiser at my church that when I was done, the entire congregation applauded. *Sigh*

As usual I pulled everything out of my butt at the last minute, because I don't know how to get things done any other way. Dumb. I hope I don't embarrass Iz and get laughed or stonily silenced out of the room. Eight- and nine-year-olds are a rough crowd.

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