Don't Think Fast

Don't Think Fast

I have been feeling gross and toxic and polluted in my skin lately, and so thought that a 24-hour fast might help me feel better, and clear my fuzzy head.

Twenty-one hours later I am telling you it was a bad idea. At first it was fascinating to notice how often in the course of preparing food for three kids and frequently Seymour, I reflexively reach to pop a morsel in my mouth, too. But around 3:00 I just got woozy and incapable of forming coherent verbal sentences. Thirty minutes ago I had a small snack but still feel not great, and very slothful.

Today is Friday, my slow day. I thought it would be okay. I should have consulted Mali beforehand, because she decided that today would be her I'm Going to Stay Up All Day day. Didn't exactly help.

Anyone else have a better idea for systemic detoxification, please let me know. I'll be lying on the floor, awaiting your advice.

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