A Conferencing We Go

A Conferencing We Go

I've never been to an autism conference. But I'm going to the Autism JumpStart conference tomorrow, because 1) it's cheap for pre-registrants, 2) it's less than ten miles away, and 3) it features some hardcore heavy hitters in the field. I want to hear what they have to say. Maybe we'll get some autism advocates vs. DAN! vs. Generation Rescue blowouts during the Q&A's. I hope so, because I'm all about entertainment and at this point will fall asleep during even the most dynamic lectures.

Another reason I've never attended an autism conference is childcare. What is a body supposed to do with three kids on three different schedules when one's husband's new job doesn't let him "work from home"? I have called in huge favors from Ep, Jo, and especially JP, and think I've got it covered, but damn.

Childcare orchestration is one of the reasons I get so grumpy and soapbox-y when dewy little new parents ask me what it's like to have three kids. "It's HELL," I growl, then stomp off to have a cigarette and whisky. Mali is my dear darling baby, of course, but even so I can't say I'm pleased to be responsible for figuring out another kid's schooling, screening another set of playmates, washing those additional sheets, towels, and clothes, or wiping that extra butt. Once again Mali is lucky to be so cute, and so charming; otherwise I would have very little motivation for kicking my maternal instincts into even the lowest gear.

I won't be so grumpy tomorrow, I am certain, so if you see me at the conference, please do say hi. I'll be the washed-out redhead wearing the WTF? shirt.

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