Sleep and Medication

Sleep and Medication

Leelo is no longer on Fukalin. We took him off five days ago, once Supervisor M confirmed that she had all required data for his functional assessment/behavioral plan. We'll start Stratifera next week, probably.

Since then he had a few extra-tired days of going to sleep earlier than usual, but also a couple of mornings of waking up unfairly early. Last night, though, he went to bed on time and didn't wake up until 6:00 this morning.

He is also waking up with big poops, and sometimes having them in the night -- probably because he is eating so much at the moment. This may not be related to medication; he has always had phases where he can't get enough to eat. Currently he is snarfing up to five PB & J sandwiches per day, plus croissants, bananas, cheerios, etc. It is a good thing Spring has arrived, because we can resume neighborhood walks and hikes. I'd like him to burn up some of that food energy rather than getting chubbier or shunting it all straight into mutiple dirty daily pullups.

We are also working on Mali's sleep schedule. Two nights ago she missed her nap and so fell asleep at 7:00 in the middle of her dinner. She slept up until I woke her at 7:00 the next morning, which I took as an opportunity to readjust her daily clock. Last night I took her to bed with me at 9:00. She went to sleep, finally, at 9:45--which is greatly preferable to 11 PM or 12:30 PM, even though I missed out on evening free time. (I figure Seymour and I can alternate evenings until we get her trained to go down at this much more humane hour.)

So, Mali slept in my bed, Leelo slept in his old bed in Iz's room, and Iz happily slept in Leelo's new bed in his new room. Right now getting them to sleep is more important than where they sleep.

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