Another One Down

Another One Down

Now Mali is sick, too. Barfs and squirts. Google says it's viral gastroenteritis, which means that I apologize to any of the five thousand people I socialized with this weekend if they come down with said barfs and squirts, and that I may just have to keep the six dozen chocolate chip cookies that Iz and her friend Olive baked as snacks for the rest of the cast in their schools production of The Tempest (the girls are dancing, singing fairies).

Probably the best part of this entire barf/poo week happened this afternoon, when Leelo projectile vomited all over our kitten Shia. Poor thing, all she was doing was waiting expectantly next to Leelo's bar stool, hoping for some crumbs from his PB&J sandwich.

Please do go read today's Can I Sit With You story; it is particularly compelling.

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