Our very own Badger wrote today's Can I Sit With You story, The Sex Change of Zyax II. Yet another fantastic read. Don't forget to comment!

Are any of you reading these stories to your kids, or letting your kids read them? Iz reads the site every day, and adores it.

She is at school today. So is Mali, although I'm not entirely sure she's 100% better. Still, she's been symptom-free for 24 hours (her school's yardstick), and she was insistent on going this morning: "My tummy does NOT hurt. I am not going to barf today. I barfed on the stairs already."

Leelo is home, still, because he barfed again last night. It's not clear to me if that was due to eating too quickly or to lingering ick, but I'm not risking putting him on a bus for thirty minutes until he's really, really better. Which will be tomorrow.

I am taking him to the doctor this morning to check for ear infections seeing as we have this rare free morning together. Although last night when he was pounding on his head and pointing at a very specific spot on his noggin, and I told him, "Don't worry, Leelo, I"ll take you to the doctor tomorrow," he said, "No see Dr. M_____!" Good language, worrisome lead up to this morning's appointment.

Seymour is still pretty much dead to the world. Or at least dead to the other people in this house, as his laptop is missing from the kitchen table, which means he is most likely and feebly attempting to work.

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