If you're from Seattle, the first part of this post will be met with a big "Well, DUH," so feel free to skip ahead.

For the rest of you -- especially those of you parent or care for children susceptible to the toxic syrup-and-air musical stylings of Hannah M0ntana and her ilk -- may I suggest to you what Seymour suggested to me, which is to introduce the group Smoosh to your household.

The youngest Smoosh sister was barely older than Iz when they released their first album; two years later the oldest sister is still too young for her learner's permit. Very inspiring to Iz, and thankfully it's the kind of music her parents like, too. Iz particularly likes "Rad" from the first album, She Like Electric.


I am going through this blog's archives just to make sure I never said anything nasty about my family, just in case they find this site via the links in the CISWY blogroll (and so far, I totally didn't say one mean thing! I swear!).

One of the things I've found, besides somewhat distressing possible evidence that Leelo did in fact make a lot of progress on the GFCF diet and/or that his language hasn't changed a ton in four years, is this still true rant on why I get fed up with food/body issues here in the United States. The ranty rant part is at the post's end.

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