Can I *Sniff* Sit With You?

Can I *Sniff* Sit With You?

Apparently there are people who find our Can I Sit With You? project distressing and full of unbearable pathos. Let me reassure you that our goal is not to rip off old scabs, or to start your day with a dose of despair. No no no.

We're providing real-world examples from the perplexing social world of the school yard, so that kids who are dealing with these issues can be inspired to try something new, horrified that someone else had it so much worse off, or comforted by solidarity. Those of you who have been keeping up know that the angst is peppered with humor and grace.

And it's only going to get better as some of our most powerful stories debut over the next two weeks. We'll cover racism, sexual orientation, religious prejudice, idiopathic dickheadedness, and pernicious cluelessness. Stop by weekdaily, and please do spread the word.

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