Barf, Sigh, Booty

Barf, Sigh, Booty

I doubt my fastidious handwashing will keep me immune from this GI bug that has been plaguing my family for the past nine days, seeing as Mali barfed all over my face in the middle of the night. Sigh.

As least Leelo's going to school today. Yeah! First time in five days. The jubilation is not just getting him out of my hair for a couple of hours (have you ever had to watch an autistic kid? Leelo is sweet and fun, but having him home means unrelenting surveillance and nothing else getting done in a house with triple the usual amount of laundry) but because he really, truly loves his school and is thriving there.

Also, Veggie Booty is back on the shelves! Praise the gods of spinach and kale and vegetable matter that my son will never ingest any other way!

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