Can I Just Say

Can I Just Say

That my in-laws came back, swept up Mali and Kylie, and took off for the afternoon. Who wouldn't want relatives like that? They even make their beds! They buy us beer! They cook and clean (including kids) without even being asked! (Can't remember the last time I made my bed.)

Poor Iz is still barfing ("Mommy, I wish I was still barfing up food. It tastes a lot better than barfing up bile.") but happy to be lying on the couch with a full afternoon's worth of the usually forbidden Disney Channel ahead of her. Leelo won't be home for another hour. I just got thirty minutes of work under my belt and feel ever so much better. It really doesn't take much for me to recharge.

Forgot to write that I got Leelo an oversized tricycle yesterday, so that he could race around the back deck just like his big sister does on her bike, and which he so obviously wanted to do, too. I honestly have never seen him smile and giggle with such honest delight as when he hopped on that tricycle and realized it was for him! I need to adjust the handle bars and seat to the perfect positions for him, but, wow. Can't wait to take him and Iz to the mile-long circle track at Holbr00k-Pa1mer park.

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