Back From Cambodia

Back From Cambodia

And this is what I'd love to do to Iz right now:

Iz Getting Her Head Squashed at Banteay Srei (Near Angkor Wat)

We had a wonderful time on our trip and she is an excellent traveling companion, intrepid and resilient for the most part, but -- she has been insisting for four weeks that there were no list or instructions for the massive circuit board project that is due in class tomorrow, she got mad each time I asked if there were any instructions because she said she had them memorized and she had already picked out all the correct components when we went to Radio Shack three weeks ago. Now it is night before the project is due, she has been up 36 hours with only one short nap since we left Phnom Pehn this morning, she finally gave in and called a classmate to get the very clear project details and instructions lists, and of course all the materials she picked out at Radio Shack are wrong. I am going to kill her. Or I would, but thankfully coming home means that her father can intervene and try to help steer this boat away from the iceberg of Iz's own creation.

One week plus of lightheartedness and cheeriness, ffffft! All gone. Damn it.

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