Can I Sit With You? LIVE!

Can I Sit With You? LIVE!

Friday's Can I Sit With You? Event in SF was the most fun ever had in the entire history of Queer Open Mic/Special Ed PTA Fundraisers. Seriously (Seriously!, to quote my esteemed co-editor), I would do this every weekend if venues, energy, authors, childcare obligations, and cosmic forces were amenable. Jennyalice and I got to go out with BOTH of our husbands at the same time! Ep and Jo stayed up past midnight! SJ Alexander, Badger, Godfather M, and Babysitter A were all there! Talk about a star-crossed event.

First there was the Open Mic (I missed Sarah Dopp; boo on the stupid rain that made me late), then there were the readings (and you can check out photos and videos via the Can I Sit With You? blog), then host Cindy E. donated all the night's proceeds and I almost wept, then we sold five million books, then we told all sorts of people who somehow didn't know that yes of course we are accepting stories for Can I Sit With You, Too?, and several people promised to submit an essay by the end of February, and then those of us who weren't wiped moved across the street for cocktail and show tunes hijinks. Not naming any names, but -- if you were already seething with jealousy over our authors' talents, it won't help to know that some of the bastards can sing, too.

We've got to do this more often.

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