This Ain't No Bake Sale

This Ain't No Bake Sale

Can I Sit With You? will have its first series of readings this Friday, January 25th, in San Francisco, during Queer Open Mic at Vince and Pete's Three Dollar Bill Cafe! Authors Sarah Glover, Liz Henry, Michael Procopio, and touring contributor SJ Alexander will each be reading from their Can I Sit With You? stories. (Jennyalice and I will be there as well, of course.) Rumor has it there will be book signings after the readings, so if you already have a copy of CISWY?, bring it along.

For those who need an excuse to leave the house and be entertained: we'll be selling copies of the Can I Sit With You? book, so if you buy one at the event you'll be supporting SEPTAR, the Special Ed PTA of Redwood City.


Queer Open Mic
1/25/08 8pm $1 - $5
at Vince and Pete's Three Dollar Bill Cafe
1800 Market Street • San Francisco CA, 94102


A little bit about the Open Mic Night, from host Cindy Emch:

Queer Open Mic is a twice monthly gathering of poets, performers, writers and artists of all types to come together and share art. Proto-feminist and genderqueer in scope, QOM aims to combine raunchy enthusiasm, warmth and community, unapologetic queer, radical politics and sweet rhythms to create a space for spoken word, poetry and performance that is multi cultural, multi gendered, completely inclusive and dynamic. QOM is hosted by Cindy Emch and Mollena Williams. Please show up around 7:30pm to sign up on the open mic list. You're encouraged to read one piece of work that is five minutes or less. And by encouraged we mean threatened with spankings, shoe throwings and general hilarious tantrums if you don't follow the rules.

About the Performers:

Liz Henry lives in many intersecting communities, as a feminist, poet, translator, blogger, science fiction fan, queer & genderqueer writer, and computer geek. She's had work published in Parthenon West, Xantippe, Lodestar Quarterly, Poetry Flash, Two Lines, Cipactli, caesura, other, Literary Mama, Strange Horizons, and has been publishing zines and little books since 1986.

SJ Alexander lives in Seattle, avidly follows the doings of Britney Jean Spears, and is a Kennedy Administration buff. SJ writes almost daily at "I, Asshole" online.

Sarah M. Glover is a recovering C.P.A. who lives and writes in San Francisco. She is currently using her young children as guinea pigs while manically scribbling away about ghosts and fairies. Hopefully, the scribbling will make it into a book before they leave for college.

Michael Procopio lives in San Francisco, but has yet to figure out the precise name of his neighborhood. He is a food blogger who dislikes the word "blogger" almost as much as he does the words "moist," "classy," and "slacks." His likes include the drawings of Edward Gorey, Cotswold cheese, and the musical stylings of Jacques Brel. His websites are www.word-eater.blogspot.com, and www.kqed.org/weblog/food .

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