Off We Go

Off We Go

It is very tempting to title this with the same Dead Kennedys tune that my oldest brother keeps singing to me, however.

Iz and I leave for Cambodia in a couple of hours. I am not bringing my computer or phone. We'll be back on the 22nd.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to Iz's campaign for Cambodian kids: MB, Badger, TLF, Dee, and ...SouthEast Pages(?). If I left out your name please feel free to give me a virtual kick in the ass. Those of you who wanted to contribute but forgot or spaced or didn't get around to it, consider contributing to Cambodian Children in honor of Beth Kanter's birthday, instead.


Can I Sit With You? news: New story up, from Kari of The Karianna Spectrum.

Also, four Can I Sit With You? writers (SJ Alexander, Michael Procopio, Liz Henry, and Sarah Glover) will read their stories at Three Dollar Bill's in San Francisco, at Queer Open Mic Night, on Friday, Jan. 25th, at 8 PM. Locals, mark your calendars. Jennyalice and I will see you there.

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