(From 11/21 ... that is one big blog fragment pile)

We are at my in laws' new house in Nevada.

Iz is thankful for their massage chair, the flat screen TVs in every room, and for being allowed to watch The Disney Channel while on vacation with her Hannah Montana-loving cousins.

Leelo is thankful for their heated pool.

Mali is thankful that everyone from Seymour's family is here, so she can have an audience for the Mali Rosenberg Show (now playing at select veterinary offices and airport lounges).

Seymour is grateful for the views of The Strip on one side and Red Rocks on the other, especially since the latter supposedly has many miles of beautiful mountain biking trails.

I am grateful that babysitter A came with us on the plane and is here right now after we went to bed around 1:30 and then Leelo got up at 6 AM, that Leelo was such a good boy during a rather long and complicated travel day and had no accidents even though his silly mom forgot to change him into a pullup for the flight itself, that Ep graciously picked up Pat the Cat from the veterinarian's office since they needed to keep him and his idiopathic bladder past our flight departure time, and that my life in general is so much more pleasant than it was one year ago.

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