Thank You, Dipsy; Thank you, Po

Thank You, Dipsy; Thank you, Po

My love for the Teletubbies has always been proportional to how much Leelo loves them. Without Teletubbies iTunes videos on my laptop, Leelo might never have broken through the Potty Training ribbon this past summer. His newly developing computer skills are frequently honed on the Teletubbies web site.

And I now love the people behind the Teletubbies as well. An executive from Ragdoll, the Teletubbies parent company, somehow came across this site and read how much the Teletubbies mean to Leelo. She contacted me to let me know that she'd read about how Tinky Winky & Co. had helped our family. And then she offered to send us a care package.

The package arrived shortly before Christmas, at my husband's work (our "business" address). It was only with the greatest difficulty that my husband was able to wrest the four Teletubbies headbands from his co-workers. Leelo's eyed almost popped from their sockets when we showed him all of what was inside the box: DVDs, stickers, stuffed dolls, etc. I don't think he's put down the inflatable Noo-noo since it arrived.

So, I hereby pledge my continued allegiance to all that is Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, & Po. With gratitude.

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