About to Be Adrift

I feel as though there should be multiple copies of me right now: one person to handle Can I Sit With You? upcoming publication affairs and this afternoon's reading, one to take the girls on vacation to Vancouver Island tonight, one to be a proper host to Lea Hernandez while she's visiting with us this week, one to be the best possible mom to Leelo so he would have had a less difficult time being off school for this entire month, one to take care of my friends who are going through such rough times right now as well as those who are on vacation and whose diabetic cats need tending, one to pay proper attention to my husband (although I did sing him "I'm in the Mood for Love" in public, at Martuni's, on Thursday). I would certainly appreciate another me to do the laundry and cooking and attempt to keep the house tidy if not clean.

I love my life. But sometimes there's too much living going on all at once. I haven't had more than four hours' sleep in several days.

And I am excited our vacation, but heartsick too. Who wouldn't want to spend a week boating along the northeastern coast of Vancouver Island? But would you go if it meant leaving your husband and son behind? This is the third year I've been invited, but only the first I've been willing -- with Seymour's gentle encouragement -- to go. I know my semi-amphibious Leelo would love many things about the watery wild we'll be exploring, but being trapped on a boat would be torture for him. And for everyone else aboard.

I will miss my boys. I'll see them in every cove and whirlpool, wonder what they'd make of every orca and crab.

Take good care of them while I'm gone.

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  1. Anonymous1:26 PM

    dang. you got me all teary, even though I'm really happy for you to get to take this trip. can you make short videos and put them on utube for leelo to watch?

    call me when you're back and have a minute to get coffee

  2. Anonymous1:49 PM

    How I envy you!
    Have a most wonderful time.
    Perhaps this will be a good
    bonding time for dad and Leelo?

  3. Have fun, you most certainly deserve it!

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  5. Let me add that your generosity made it possible for me to have a much-needed break, and have many great and eye-opening experiences at the same time. Chocolate, photography, revisiting the challenges of pre- and grade-school parenting, your amazing friends, Thai twice in the same week (a rare treat!). I am glad to be in your company.
    Having a chance to revisit a City I first landed in nineteen years ago and experience how I am the same and how I am different is/was a tremendous gift, and a healing one.


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