Can I Sit With You? at Book Passage This Saturday

Can I Sit With You? will be at Book Passage in Corte Madera (Marin County) on August 9th at 4 PM. Please come! Please tell all your Bay Area friends to come!

Jennyalice and I will chat about how we made CISWY? happen and how our model works (and how you can do it too, so that editors won't take your stories and eviscerate them without so much as a by-your-leave), Lea Hernandez will try to describe the magic that went into her cover art, and then we'll have readings of three of our most popular stories. We'll also have books and t-shirts for sale and signings, and Can I Sit With You? stickers to plaster on your unsuspecting friends' backs.

Here's the official description for you to include in your forward to every Bay Area person you know:

Shannon Des Roches Rosa and Jennifer Byde Myers discuss a brave new model of book publishing success, one in which authors retain all rights and profits, and social networks take the place of agents and traditional publishers. This approach resulted in Can I Sit With You?, a collection of frank stories describing real elementary and middle school social experiences. These heartfelt tales speak to anyone who ever struggled to fit in with the other kids at school, wondered about feeling different, or felt no one understood what they were going through.

Editors Myers and Rosa will describe how they made Can I Sit With You? profitable, cover artist Lea Hernandez (Comic Book Tattoo) will talk about her creative process, and authors Judy McCrary Koeppen, Michael Procopio, and Amanda Jones will read their stories.

We'd also love to read your own Can I Sit With You? story, and feature it as one of the new stories we publish every week. Send your tales of schoolyard social horror or hilarity to ciswysubmissions@at@gmail.com. Send them by August 31 if you want to submit for our second print anthology, to be published Fall 2008. If you said you'd send a story but haven't yet, know that I've got my Lidless Eye of Sauron fixed on you.

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