Port McNeill and Boat Design

We're still in Port McNeill. The girls have been fishing several times, right off the dock.


Here is my favorite picture so far, which is Mali saying, "Please Mr. Fish, let my sister catch you!"


The girls' grandfather gave serious thought to every last detail on this boat, including how to make it grandchild-friendly. Hence a bait tank with an aquarium-like viewing front. Right now it is full of flounder, surf perch, and tiny salmon.


Being on the boat is so damn cool. Seymour, who has been twice before, said it was like being on a floating hotel, and he is correct. We don't have to do a damn thing except make sure Mali wears her lifejacket when she comes upstairs from our room. The staff lets us wander all over and explore the nooks and crannies and heads. It has reinforced my admiration for the absolute practicality of boat design: a place for everything, and everything secured in its place. Doors that latch to the wall when opened. Plates in drawers with acrylic posts between them to keep them from knocking against each other. Latches holding every last cabinet door shut. And this:

I Love Boat Design

Not a bad idea for those of us who live in earthquake zones, really.

More practicality for shoving four kids in a very small space: Iz and Violet in their v-berths:


We're off to Telegraph Cove today. More pix to come.


  1. Ok, now I'm jealous. That sounds and looks like a heck of a lot of fun.

  2. Staff AND wifi??!!! My two favorite things....

  3. So, did Mali's sweet little prayer to the fishie work?
    I love the pics, it really sounds like you guys are having a great time.

  4. looks like you are having a great time, and more good times on the way... very cool. thanks for the pics! mb


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