The Dangers of Piscine Cigarette Addiction


Look what their addiction is doing to them! The poor fish!


(This is one of the flounders in our bait tank aquarium)

Hoo hoo, we're having lots of fun during our last two days aboard, now in April Point on Quadra Island. It is not even picturesque here:

Sunset at April Point, Vancouver Island in the Background
Sunset from the April Point Marina, Vancouver Island in the background


Here are the big girls on their floating water trampoline, which is different from -- though the same color and shape as -- their triple-blaster tubing rider that gets towed behind the boat.

I suspect that when these girls go back to school in a few weeks, no one is going to believe their "How I spent my Summer" essays.


  1. That sign=made of win.

    Because, yaknow, fish move on to hanging out with bigger fish who use fin pomade and rolls their cigarette butts into their gills.

  2. Flounder is just freaky. I'm so glad you guys are having/had an amazing vacation. Every now and then when you post your schedule I always have the same thought: she is going to need a break!


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