Asperger's and Bullying

My thanks to Lastcrazyhorn, who has allowed us to publish her harrowing story about Asperger's and Middle School bullying on Can I Sit With You?

I can't help but think things could have been different if inclusive attitudes had been fostered among the students, as early as possible.

Stories like Lastcrazyhorn's make me sick with rage, make me fear for our children's social past, present, and future.

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  1. I agree. I am toying with going to the book reading, but on the other hand, I try not to let these horror stories freak me out.

  2. We'd love to see you there. It'll be much lighter than Lastcrazyhorn's story (which is about the most brutal story we've featured so far, FYI.)

    It is my hope that by illustrating so clearly the real and horible effects of victimization, some of the bystanders -- if not the perpetrators -- will take positive action.


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