Lime-tinged Lifestyles

I am not much for the website shilling. Unless one of my rather kick-ass friends has launched or written something that simply must be shared. Two friends, in this case:

My dear old friend K.A. -- "old" in that she introduced me to the person who gave me my first Silicon Valley job at Electronic Arts in 1994 -- is at the helm of a new website for and about women: LimeLife. She and her crew are in Beta, which means they want as much feedback as you're willing to give them. Have at it:


Michael Procopio, otherwise known as Godfather M, recently took to his KQED/Bay Area Bites pulpit about the cookbook Hungry Girl: Recipes and Survival Strategies for Guilt-Free Eating in the Real World. Mr. Procopio just wants to make sure you understand the risks inherent in using Hungry Girl's recommended low-cal substitutes; some of them contain the same ingredients as sexual lubricants and hemorrhoid creams. (And not all pink-tinged vodka drinks with lime garnishes are Cosmos.)


Personally, I have always avoided food substitutes. They give me the willies. They make me feel like I'm eating Floam. If I really wanted to eat more yet not gain weight, I would research the calorie loads of the foods I eat regularly to see which I'm going to have to take out of rotation, and which ones I should eat more frequently. If I wanted to lose weight for whatever reason, I would make lifestyle changes; I'd drink and eat less, and exercise more. (And I would check in with my doctor to see what realistic loss goals and healthy weights for my body type and age would be.)

Making dietary or lifestyle changes wouldn't be easy, but they would certainly be less nasty than following the recipes in that cookbook. Ewww.

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  1. I saw a great improvement in my aerobic fitness after four strenuous days of walking in San Francisco, which encouraged me to keep it up once home.
    I also re-thought what I was eating because of hanging out with you and I am cooking more.
    Big boost to the self-esteem!


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