Count the Stars

Leelo took Seymour outside after nightfall. Our boy kept asking, "Lie down, Dad!" until Seymour did just that.

Then Leelo said, "Look at the stars?"

And they did. Leelo even pointed out a few, counting them as he went along.


These last two months have been hard, not just for us but for almost everyone I know. Really, really hard. So I am always grateful when one of our kids reminds us why we parent, shows us the joy and wonder we wouldn't experience otherwise.

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  1. I bet those particular stars, on that particular night, were particularly beautiful. ( :

  2. Nice to have reminders of the small sweet stuff to slow ourselves down from our hectic modern lives. well worth it!

  3. Anonymous12:06 PM

    You are great at noticing the good stuff. Many people are not. I am so glad you notice and savor.

    BTW-- tomorrow's the big day in our house. SCHOOL STARTS. Our district is on a delayed schedule due to construction. And it's the Big day for H.


  4. Anonymous10:25 PM

    What a beautiful moment for dad to savor. What an adorable little boy!


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