Hypocrisy on a Platter

Ep sent this Jon Stewart clip to me after I spent the day snarling in disgust over hypocritical Republicans. She wrote:

"He has some good before and after clips, eg. Bill O'Reilly on teen pregnancy (the parents are "pin heads") and after (it's a personal choice). Also some good before and after Karl Rove sneering at a Democrat for being a governor for only 3 years and being a mayor of a small city before that - and now it's good enough to be vice president. And Ms. Palin herself on the topic of crying "sexist." It will make you feel better!"


  1. Anonymous6:48 AM

    It is a great clip. It made me laugh. Of course, the only way I can stand to watch Republicans at this point is if Jon Stewart of Stephen Colbert come right after with some pithy remark.

  2. You *have* to watch them. We all have to watch those with whom we do not agree so that we know exactly what they're saying and doing. Otherwise we're flailing in ignorance.

  3. I watched this on his site last night! Screamingly funny and scary!

  4. Thanks for this. I stole it for my blog too--I've been so frustrated!


  5. Wishing I could carry this around in my pocket to show all the hypocrites out there whenever I run into them. Screamingly funny!

  6. How much do I love the Daily Show? Oh so much.


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